Frequently Asked

1Who is Technolera?
Technolera is a venture building company focusing on the process of consistent start-up creation by using shared expertise and resources.
2Who is EFSE?
EFSE is the European Fund for Southeast Europe and provides development finance, microfinance and impact investment to foster the area's prosperity.
3What is the duration of the program?
15 months.
4Is there a fee to apply or participate?
No, there is no fee to apply or participate. We offer a training programme that is equivalent to € 12,000 per person. Thanks to the Technolera and EFSE collaboration, training of talents who pass the selection process and make a commitment for 15 months will be free.

*This training is also provided outside of the programme. If you do not want to join the program but you want to take this training please contact with us.
5Can I apply with my team?
If your project is not incorporated and commercialized, you can apply by writing your team name on the application form. Technolera reserves the sole right to make any modifications in the team.
6I have an idea but I would like to apply the program. Can I apply?
We are looking for talent, not idea. If your idea is aligned with the program concept and verticals, and is not incorporated or commercialized, you can apply to the program. There is no need to mention it on the application form; it can be discussed during ideation phase.
7Will I take an equity stake in the project?
If the team meet the requirements, each team member will be entitled to 10%-25% of equity from the newly established company.
8What are the included services in program?
Trainings with tailor-made curriculum, Workshops, Mentorship, Specified events, Co-working space, alumni network.
9What are the excluded services in program?
All expenses other than stated above. You need to cover your own transportation and accommodation expenses. Also, you need to bring your computer.
10I do not live in Istanbul. Can I apply from another city/country?
Yes, you can apply. All entrepreneurs (from abroad) must have a passport and the necessary visa to travel from their home country to Turkey. Furthermore, Ventourage Diversity is to initiate in Istanbul and later to spread in other countries in the coming years starting from the South-Eastern European.
11Do I have to be a fluent English speaker to participate in the program?
Yes, it is a must.
12Do entrepreneurs have to be a certain age?
Yes, you should be at least 18 years old.
13What is the time commitment for participating in the program?
Your success in the program is highly dependent upon your level of commitment. The more time you invest, the more benefit you derive from the program. The program is divided into four distinct phases, which last fifteen months altogether. Accepted entrepreneurs are required commit attending to all events and 70% of program.
14What are my responsibilities as a Ventourage Diversity entrepreneur?
In order for program to best support you, entrepreneurs must supply documentation and information as requested, respond to requests promptly, attend required meetings and events, and provide updates on a regular basis. The more active you are, the more benefits your project will derive from the experience.
15What are the funding opportunuties?
Startups will attend demo days to raise funding for their projects.

- Demo day 1 to present the startups to selected investors (entrepreneurs, angel investors and corporates) for seed funding for studio-prototyping: in the range of €80K up to €150K per startup
- Demo day 2 to present the startups to selected investors (angel investors, corporates, venture capitalists) for additional funding to scale up business operations: €300K up to €500K per startup
16Is it possible to participate in Ventourage Diversity Program and other programs at the same time?
Selected startups cannot participate any other startup training program without the consent of Technolera.
17Why we are unique?
We are not hunting for ideas but for talents. You will benefit from Technolera’s own-made curriculum. There will be a 15-month comprehensive training with hands-on approach. We act as a co-founder, not as an accelerator or incubator.
18Can I apply on behalf of an organization?
No. We accept individual applications.